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Practical Halacha: A Halachic Nightclub?

Could there be a halachic nightclub for party-going, clubbing Orthodox Jews and what would it take?

A group of Christians recently launched a Christian nightclub without any drinking, twerking, or smoking.

In a halachic nightclub:

  • Kashrut is easy, a lot of places are kosher.
  • Many clubs have dress codes, so tzunis can be required.
  • Closed on Shabbat and holidays
  • The club controls the playlist, so that can be meet halachic requirements
  • Drinking is allowed at the club (because we have no prohibition on drinking as Purim reminds us).
  • A universal twerking ban would be ok with me.

But the biggest problem seems to be the prohibition on mixed dancing. Would the club have to prohibit mixed dancing? How is the ban enforced? Can men and women share the same dance floor? Would a light-up dance floor made of many small tiles that senses bodyweight and changes color for each dancer halachically count as a new dancing surface for each dancer and not be mixed dancing? Does the club have free vending machines for handkerchiefs in the bathrooms like some clubs have free vending machines for condoms?

Ok Reddit rabbis, what will it take halachically to start MOSHIACH!, Crown Heights hottest club?

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