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Post your favorite Jewish jokes

I thought after the doom and gloom of recent weeks we need a bit of levity to start the week. So post your favorite Jewish jokes. I’ll start:

A young man comes to a rabbi: “Rebbe, he asks, I want to marry my doctor’s daughter, is it ok?” “Yes, you can marry her”, says the rabbi. “But her parents are against it, Rebbe.” “Then don’t marry her”.

“But I’m very much in love with her, Rebbe”. “Then go ahead and get married”. “But my parents are against it too, Rebbe”. “Then don’t get married”.

“But she wants to be with me”. “Then marry her”. “But we don’t earn enough to start a family, Rebbe”. “Then don’t marry her. Or you know what? Go get baptized instead.” “Baptized? But why, Rebbe?!” “So you with your questions can go bother a priest and not me.”

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