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Possibly Controversial Opinion

I’m a proud 27 year old Jewish man. I’m a 4th generation American. I have nothing against Israel but I believe that in the long run Israel is a detriment to our people due to its homogeneity. I know it sucks to be discriminated against but, my father, and my grandfather before me experienced antisemitism here in the USA in place of me. But through that hardship I feel we’ve earned our place. I’ve been fortunate enough to not experience antisemitism in my lifetime. My fiance is a Christian who is more than happy to tell her relatives off for my sake. Idk but I feel that despite the hardship it’s overall been a benefit for us to suffer here. I’m not saying that the way we were treated was right but in the long run I feel we’ll be happier for embracing the ways of our new homeland while embracing our ancestral homeland.

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