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Plz help I need to translate this

I know we aren’t supposed to get tattoos but i wanted to get a tattoo of a prayer my father always used to say back when he was in the IDF and if anyone can help me fix the translation into Hebrew I would be very aperitive the prayer goes

“Aduni king of the universe, sanctifier of thine commandments, and lord of my father, his father before him, and all those who have proceeded me I beg of you to give me strength as you did for Samson, give me wisdom as you did for Solomon, and guide my hand as you did for David, for there are those who wish to destroy not only me but our people and if you see fit for me to fall in the battles ahead then I welcome your grace, but grant your gifts to my brothers and sisters so they may carry on the fight.

As long as I draw the sacred breath you have bestowed upon me, your light shall never be extinguished this I swear. Amen”

Ik its long but it doesn’t have to be an exact translation. but i cant risk bastardisng the translation

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