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please some one educate me im here to learn

i got into a big disagrrment on my christian friend that job kept the law, the the scripture

8Now the Lord said to the Adversary, “Have you paid attention to My servant Job? For there is none like him on earth, a sincere and upright man, God-fearing and shunning evil.” for god to talk to a angel and boast about a servant keeping the law, if he didnt keep the law god would consider him a sinner am i right? we got into a disagrrment that no one can keep the law they were like even abraham killed a person , im like no one talks about how holy job was, the law was able to be kept am i misinterupting job? now i have heard conterpary rabbi talk about how the orgional writters of the torah wanted to put job on the back burner due to him able to over shadow the patriarch , because the way they distribe it its preabraham

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