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Please recommend resource that shows related Hebrew words with english translation

I have been trying to pick up a little Hebrew here and there, although unfortunately life and other things coming up are making it so that actually learning Hebrew is not something on the docket for my near future. But what I can pick up, I would like to. However, it is causing a lot of confusion how one Hebrew word can mean many different things, or slight variations, or gematria equivalencies, can mean different things. I don’t want to make excuses but if it’s actually true that Hebrew is a lot different than English then maybe that’s why. But at the same time I failed to learn Latin also, in fact I can’t say I can speak it at all now, so maybe I’m just bad at learning languages.

Is there any resource where I can type a word in english, and then not only get the Hebrew translation, but also all the similar words in Hebrew with then the english translations for those as well?

I will use one of the only examples I know. If I use an online translator for the english word “peace,” it says it is שָׁלוֹם in Hebrew. But then I would like to know, in Hebrew, what are all the words similar to שָׁלוֹם, or with the same gematria? And then have those all translated back to english to know what they mean.

Sorry if this is a stupid question but it would help me look up words a lot faster.

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