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Please help me know if I’m jewish

Hi everyone, I will try to make this as short as possible but I have a lot to cover here. First off all of my great grand parents came over to the America’s directly from Spain. My fathers side came to Argentina where my dad was born and my mothers side of the family went to Dominican Republic (coincidentally Puerto plata which is where the Jewish community is in that country). So for the past year and a half or so, I have been randomly obsessed over the idea of being Jewish. I seriously have no idea where it came from but as I began to research the culture and history of Spain it has led me to the rich Jewish history that it had and I was unaware of. So my parents both practice Christianity and not Judaism although they are both fond of the Jewish people because they are aware that they are the chosen people of God and we must protect them. So during this past year and a half I have had many occurrences which I will try my best to explain here that are leading me to believe that I might be Jewish by blood and I hope that some of you here can guide me in confirming whether or not I may be. So about a year or 2 ago I had a dream that was very vivid and unique (I never dreamt like this before). In the dream i saw a white background and then a chest plate came down and it was all I can see, it was like some sort of armor that was silver and the inside of it had red padding to make it comfortable to the wearer. It looked perfectly and divinely made, as if it were very very expensive to make because of how there were no imperfections. Then when I saw this I heard a voice tell me that I have something from Abraham and I received it and that many others can have it too but they don’t accept it. Something along those lines. So that was that. Then I began to research Spain and learned that Sephardic Jews exist and that most Spaniards are Sephardic Jews due to the healthy time period of Judaism in Spain. I looked up my family’s last names in a list of Sephardic Jewish surnames and every single last name associated with all of my family show up on that list. Then as time went on I began to research Sephardic jews on YouTube and I realized that I look like them, and so do my family members. Especially my brother. I also researched Jewish culture and personalities and thought processes from so many videos that I’ve seen and it makes so much sense why I am how I am and the same goes for my family. We all have a built in fear of God and we care a lot about others. We have never been the flashiest family or the first place type of people. We have gone through a lot of tough times, but we prosper in everything that we do. So we know that we are blessed and loved by God. I have been listening to jewish music for about a year now and I love it as it soothes my soul even though I don’t understand it. I listen to lectures from rabbi on YouTube and I will continue to do these things whether I am jewish or not. The most amazing part which has recently been discovered is the meaning of my last name (from my fathers side) Maza. So I play hockey at a Jewish community center here in Miami and when I signed up they asked for my last name to see if I’ve been there before, and the lady said “wow there’s a lot of you, what’s your first name?”. So I was shocked and happy at the same time because I’ve never met anyone with my last name, yet here at this jewish center there are a lot of us? So when I went home I decided to look up my last name and the word Jewish after it, I found a few hits but nothing too solid. Then I decided to put Maza rabbi and I found many that had my last name. A prominent one was the father of Jackie mason, he comes from a lineage of prominent rabbis with my last name. On that page it said that Maza is a rare Jewish surname that stands for Mi Zera Aaron ha-kohen . From the seed of Aaron the first priest. So does this mean that I am not only a Jew but a Kohanim? Is that why Judaism has been pulling at me? I’ve seen a Jewish documentary about Jews in Argentina and one of the speakers in it said that Judaism is something that pulls at our souls to return to even if we are not aware that we are Jewish. When I told my father about all of my research he started to cry and said that he has goosebumps because it makes so much sense why he is how he is and cannot see other people struggling without helping. How he goes through hardship but everything he puts his hands on prospers, etc. I know this is very long and I apologize but as you can imagine, this would be very tough for me to explain to someone in a Jewish center while asking for their opinion. Also, looking back as much as I can remember, all of my really good friends in life that never hurt me and I can feel authentically cared for me are all either Jewish or of Jewish descent based on their last names. In business all of the Jews treat me very nice because my name is Ariel. That’s another thing, my name is Ariel Josue Maza. My fathers name is Abel Nazario Maza . His fathers name was Jose Nazario Maza. All pretty Jewish names. Nazario means nazarite in Spanish. Jose is Joseph in Spanish. Which if I were to choose a biblical character that I like the most or relate to the most it’s Joseph. I don’t come from much but God has blessed me with good management positions and well paying jobs far above I ever thought possible. My mother’s side of the family has more catholic last names like Santana (saint Ana) but my great grand mother’s last name is Martinez and mother is Perez. I learned that the ‘ez’ at the end of Spanish last names stand for eres Zion (you are Zion) and that’s how the Sephardic Jews would hide their Jewish roots after the Spanish Inquisition that banned Judaism. Sorry once again for the long story and thanks so much if you’ve read this all. I appreciate any and all feedback!

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