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Please help me celebrate the holidays with my volunteer little “sister”

I volunteer with an organization and have a 14 year old “little sister” who is Jewish. We hang out once a week and normally do crafts or board games or face masks or other activities that teen girls like.

I’m wondering if it is appropriate (as a non-Jewish person) to find some Hanukkah related crafts for the upcoming holiday season? Or if it is appropriate for me to get her some little gifts to open over the holidays? If so, would I get 8 gifts for her to open? Would 1 gift be offensive or seen as a Christmas gift?

Also, I will have a Christmas tree set up in my house closer to the holidays. If we make Hanukkah crafts, is it offensive to hang them on my tree? Or put them out on my mantle or something?

Her family has been very open and teach me a lot about their holidays but it’s often as they are happening or after they have happened so I would just like to be a little more prepared going forward 🙂

Thanks in advance!

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