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Please can you advise me on how to deal with anti semitic abuse at work

I have been receiving frequent anti-semitic texts at work, and I dont know what to do

I have been reporting them to my manager each time,

A few weeks ago, I got 4 awful text messages in a very short period of time. I was upset and I asked my manager if I could go home. When I reported them to my manger she said “I am sorry you feel that these texts are offensive”

I went home and continued to get abusive texts. When I returned to work 2 days later I was told that I was banned from working over time “due to a period of sickness”.

I was understandably annoyed about this, so I spoke to human resources. Human resources lifted the ban.

My manager has now changed my shifts so I am working every Friday for the next two months. I work 12 hour shifts, so I won’t be home for Shabbat with my family.

Any tips on how to navigate through this situation?

Edited to say: I am based in London England

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