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Planning to Convert to Reform Judaism (Begin the Process) in the Next Month (Hopefully) Any Advice?


I am 22, of British and Polish Heritage and I go by the name Zadoc (not my legal name at this point)

Best way to describe it is I had a spiritual rebirth through reading the Torah (Christian Text but Accurate One) and let G-d back into my life again fully. In short, I’ve never been happier and I’m a changed man in many ways I never expected (or hoped). I say a prayer every morning (Modeh Ani), I’m learning more about the Jewish faith every day and I feel a connection with G-d once again after many years of being spiritually lost.

Next Saturday, is my first Shabbat Morning Service (I informed the Rabbi in advance) and I am genuinely looking forward to it but I am nervous about a few things, kinda why I’m asking for advice.

  1. Will my conversion be valid (if completed) if I undergo conversion to the Jewish faith through Reform Judaism? The opinion seems to be varied and dependent on the branch, I know I cannot become an Israeli citizen and I’m okay with that.
  2. How expensive is becoming a Jew? I have been researching and all the materials I require are expensive (Judaica sites) and conversion courses cost money which I currently don’t have. Furthermore to that, Should I hold off until I have some more money to pay for everything?
  3. The big one, the Brit Milah. I am okay with being circumcised (I have elected to have it done by choice) as I was born in the UK and European Catholic (by birth) so circumcision was never even considered at my birth. The issue is it’s not covered by NHS (A Policy I agree with on medical grounds) unless it is a medical matter. Circumcision around the part of the UK I live in (West Midlands) are quite pricey not on the NHS so I worry I might not be able to afford it. This isn’t a question more explanatory text but I would like some guidance on this if informally.

Thank you, peace and friendship to all! Z-

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