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Planet of the Apes and Jewish Law

I started watching the planet of the apes reboot on a recent El Al flight, and now I’m on the third movie.

Was wondering during the movie how all this (theoretically obviously – but thought experiments are rewarding) to Jewish law.

Obviously in the first movie the “apes” (I won’t differentiate the species) are generally not a מדבר except for Caesar and others later in the movie, so not causing pain to animals applies to most of what the humans did.

However, once they did become מדבר (skipping some obvious philosophical and metaphysical questions here) would the same rules still apply?

I thought a topic besides the current situation would be fun and interesting and maybe help people get out of the doom scroll for a minute 😀.

Anything else with Jewish law/midrash/etc. and this movie would be interesting to hear…

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