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Pirkei Avot

Greetings from a non-Jew. I am a Christian who just started exploring Judaism. I have a lot of questions and I hope you don’t mind answering to help me in my spiritual journey. These are my first questions:

  1. How literal do you see Pirkei Avot 1, which says that the Torah is transmitted successively from Moses to Hillel? This actually sounds a lot like the Christian apostolic succession.
  2. Were the necessary conditions for the true Messiah (for example, that there should be universal peace and universal knowledge of God) part of the transmitted teaching from Moses to Hillel?

I am asking these questions to understand whether there was already a recognized authority in interpreting the Tanakh during the second temple. Who decided, for example, that the idea of the second coming of the Messiah was not a faithful interpretation of the Tanakh? Thanks!

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