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Pikuach nefesh as a EMT/Paramedic

Hey there Hebrews. I’m a 23yo Conservative Jewish guy. I’m also an EMT, Firefighter and in a few months will finish my Paramedic program. In the past I’ve greatly struggled with keeping shabbat. Lately I’ve been wanting to become more frum. I eventually want to get to the point where I can keep it every week but due to my jobs and school I have not been able to make the leap. When school ends my schedule will afford me a lot more freedom in days that I can work, but in the event that I still have to work Shabbat, would that be permissible under pikuach nefesh? I’m waiting for my Rabbi to get back to me on this and felt like asking you folks. Has anyone here been in the same situation? I’d imagine it applies to a whole lot of people in medicine. I’ve been just working through Shabbat since I started in these fields a couple years ago.

Edit: felt I should add that I’m a baal teshuva. I went from being secular to active in the conservative community pretty recently.

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