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Picking the best-first Tanakh

I hope this is allowed, I am just genuinely looking for assistance!

The tiniest relevant piece of background; I am a pushter Goy, not connected to judaism by anything other than faint heritage and a very big personal interest. I have found it extremely difficult to research what I am actually looking for, especially since at every corner I seem to be finding Christians proselytising, JFJ crazies and the very infamous “Black Hebrews”. I am not onterested in their input what-so-ever.

On the other hand, as a person looking into judaism from a quasi-academic perspective, I was firdt instructed to look into a JPS translation, which is also something I have no true interest in… I am looking to find something which is as honest a text as possible (and you must appreciate what a difficult/impossible task that is, since I am looking for a translation 😉 ).

I want something as straight-forward as possible, from a frum, chasidic perspective, preferably from the Ashkenazi tradition.

I am also aware, that the jargon I use might look ignorant, but I am sincerely interested in what I am looking for (so I judt thought to myself, “Would saying chasidic be synonymus with an Ashkenazi tradition? Since that’s where it was born? Should I still leave both in, since there are many non-ashkenazim who engage with chasidus?” ). In an attempt to not overexplain my position, all I ask is that I am given the benefit of the doubt.

Thank you for your assistance and patience. 🙂

PS. I have found the Artscroll’s “Stone Edition Chumash – Dvarim – Ashkenaz” which is reasonably priced, sized and seems to contain the entirety of the text, if I am not mistaken? Bear in mind, that I am not looking for the ancient rabbinic commentary, which to the best of my knowledge would be the Talmud?

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