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Pets on Passover

Do pets need to eat kosher?

On Pesach they [sort of] do! Because we not only have prohibition of owning or eating chametz, but also of deriving benefit* from chametz we have to feed our animals chametz free food.

Star K has a list with approved-for-Pesach pet food to make it that much easier. I believe Chewy has many of the approved products in stock as well.

As many pet owners know, it can be hard on furry family members to be suddenly switched from one food to another. If you’re needing to have special food for the chag make sure to get it early and transition from year round food to Passover food to avoid any upset tummies.

*We also have a prohibition on deriving benefit from a mixture of milk and meat (basar b’cholov) so it’s important to have non-mixed food year round (poultry doesn’t count in this case).

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