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Permissible to engrave Shema prayer?

So I’m getting fitted for a custom suit to commemorate my new position as a Director and founder/equity holder in a great company servicing the jewish community. I saw that they have a 40 character monogram option where you can have things written. I was thinking of having the Shema prayer or something similar engraved there as a good luck charm; so I will always remember that g-d is one. But my co-worker was a bit concerned about it thinking it wouldn’t be permissible.

I know you can’t write a divine name on “anything engraved in cloth” but I planned to just use “hashem” or “Chai” etc.. instead of an actual name. Is this allowed? And if so does it feel in poor taste? Anyone care to mention an alternative i could have written instead? They don’t seem to allow hebrew anyway, and as it stands i’m ONE letter short of getting “echad” written so might have to abandone it anyway haha.

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