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People think Judaism is a religion, not a people. How do we change this bit of misinformation?

I have started explaining every time someone implies that jews are a religion. I am not saying that the religion is not part of Judaism, but it is historically unquestionable that we are a people.

I find this to be a misconception even among some of our people. It bothers me that others define us as a religion. As usual people who are not Jews tell our story in the way that serves them best. I don’t think it s intentional in most cases, I think it is just misinformation that has been proliferated since who knows when.

Among Jews you also see it, especially when people say things like “I feel I am not jewish enough” or “I am jew-ish”. This is a total misconception of what it means to be Jewish, or as I prefer Judean since it is a bit clearer, though not super useful since t is not common parlance in english. You are either Jewish or you are not Jewish. It’s like saying I feel like I am not Lakota enough, it doesn’t really make sense.

what are your thoughts on this phenomenon, and how to we help make this common knowledge?

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