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People just will not listen

Do y’all remember the Christian woman who posted here the other day about wanting to visit a synagogue to learn about Christianity? so many people told her no, absolutely don’t. But from her replies, it seemed like she was gonna ignore it.

I messaged her to say hey, I just want you to be aware that the Jews have spoken and the Jews said no. You are not welcome at a synagogue to gawk at Jews like animals in a zoo.

She replied to me:

”What hypocritical and childish behavior for God’s chosen people. No, I don’t care about the wishes of people who lack common decency and respect. So of course, I’ll still be going. I did not expect a reddit thread alone to teach me this much. And it would be very sad if this was the only perspective I got. [the only perspective? Of like 30 people? Lmao]

“God bless you, and I hope that you can raise yourself out of this hatred

I literally cannot believe (but somehow I can) just how unwilling people are to listen to what Jews are saying. In some cases, screaming at the top of their lungs about themselves, their identity, and their agency and self determination. Like, damn.

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