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People from SJP on my campus screamed at me calling me names today

So, precursor: I am not a Zionist (I don’t want that to be a debate though) and I have worked with some people from the inclusion and diversity center on my campus. There are hardly any Jews where I go to school. I recently got fed up with the way some of the students in SJP talked about Jews. I said I disliked it and that they’re not understanding of how Israel became a thing and that blaming Jews instead of looking at it from other angles is wrong and hateful. I told them they made me feel marginalized and “other” at times when I have not done anything like that to them. I always let them talk, and I hardly interject.

Today I was getting food on campus and had my headphones in. I saw they were there so I just pretended I didn’t see them and got my food and rung up to leave. They started screaming behind me calling me a “bitch” and hounding me to talk. I pretended not to hear them and walked away.

It’s not that I don’t support the cause of treating ALL people with respect. But I will always be hesitant about people who don’t allow room for nuance, and that’s a part of what they do. I feel so weird about everything and honestly kind of attacked and I don’t know how to really go about it. All I can do is ignore, but I feel isolated and alone being one of the only Jews in my town.

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