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Patrilineal perennial

What function does the figure of the patrilineal Jew play in Orthodox Judaism? Is it deliberately left as a position of unreconciled non-identity? As a spectre or warning against intermarriage maybe (look what could befall you)? Isn’t that a cruel fate though?

What does it mean to carry tribe but not religion in any real sense within the community?

It seems so arbitrary. I often see people on here share that they’ve discovered matrilineality through DNA tests and are immediately welcomed in. For me, as a patrilineal, it’s a very strange spectacle.

I’ve had Jews look at me with completely blank expressions querying why I imagine I have any relation to Judaism whatsoever.

It’s the law. It’s ineffable. Immutable. Is there no further illumination that can be offered? I find it very difficult to make peace with.

Thanks for your understanding.

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