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Patrilineal jewish pain and antisemitism

I don’t know why i’m writing this, i just want to get advice and support.

I’m a patrilineal jew. Living in europe. Dad jewish mom gentile. I have a very jewish name and a very jewish surname that everyone can tell is jewish.

I’m gonna start off by saying that i love my judaism and since i live in a small european country there isn’t much to it. I went to a chabad once and upon arrival when the rabbis wife made conservation with me she asked if both my parents were jewish and i said no, just my dad. She became very quiet, didn’t throw me out but her energy changed completely and she deleted me off social media. (she had followed me when i contacted the chabad). This

I’m so sick of this. I grew up jewish, with all the traditions and my mom has been very supportive of my dad. I’m TREATED as a jew by non jews. I’ve experienced so much antisemitism in my university at a point where no one talks to me anymore because my dad is israeli and i have expressed support. I get treated as a jew in healthcare where they have made comments about my identity due to my name. I get treated jewish online with antisemitism. Yet, i am excluded from any jewish community. There is only an orthodox shul here, which is in the chabad. I have no support regarding the antisemitism that haunts me. What do i do? How do i handle being a target but also not supported by the only people who can understand this?

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