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Patrilineal Jew wrestling with faith

My dad is a born Jew but converted to Christianity when he met my mother, a Hispanic catholic. We celebrated Chanukah and my dad saved his tefillin but never used them or let us use them. I left all faith at 18 but am diving back into it at 24. I made a post about this in the Orthodox Christian Reddit but I am a catechumen in the the Orthodox Church. I believe in Elohim, Jehovah, Hashem, Allah, or whatever name one chooses to say. I thought i would commit to the church and just live the morals, but i am not fully convinced of Jes us. I believe in the God of my ancestors, of Abraham, and Isaac, but idk what he wants. I pray every day for guidance. When I am at church I feel a strong pull to God, when I am speaking to a Muslim or in a Mosque, I feel a pull to Allah, and when I research and read about Judaism, I feel a pull towards Hashem. The thing is, no matter what I choose I go to hell/lose out on the Kingdom of Heaven. Even by the Noahide rules, Christianity is idolatry. What does God want from us? Those of you who wrestled with this, how did you answer this question? Do I just make a best guess and hope I was right?

Edit: I know the Jewish faith does not teach that sinners go to hell. But gentiles are not on the same level as righteous gentiles and Jews. I want a share of the world to come. I want to serve Hashem. I just don’t know what he wants

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