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Luring the Haredim backward

The allowances and support for yeshivas must be gradually stopped, as they provide a disincentive for Haredim to integrate into the labor market, something that…

The tumblr nipple ban

submitted by /u/namer98 [link] [comments] Source: Reditt

Trying not to step on any toes.

Hi, so I’m in a pretty weird situation now. I’m interested in converting to Judaism. This is something I’ve been researching and looking into for…

All Things Jewish! – December 19, 2018

The place for anything Jewish, regardless of how related or distant. Jokes, photos, culture, food, whatever. submitted by /u/AutoModerator [link] [comments] Source: Reditt

In the West Bank terror is good for the Jews

Only in the territories does Israel let a terror attack get the bulldozers moving. Authorizing illegal outposts is an act of revenge Source:

Why are we blamed for communism ?

Why are Jews blamed for communism in russia and still today ? submitted by /u/centristhorse [link] [comments] Source: Reditt