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Overheard Antisemitic Jokes

So, I am not Jewish but my wife and daughter are. As such, I am very protective of their faith. I was at a cigar bar outside of Philadelphia when I overheard an extremely loud man tell a couple of antisemitic jokes to a group of about five or six other guys. Normally, I would have said something to them…in probably an aggressive way. Lately I have been battling anxiety which I have never had issues with in the past. I am trying to learn to approach things in a more reasonable and less aggressive manner to help with overcoming these problems. How have you handled these situations in the past?

I told my wife about what happened and while she was understanding about the anxiety she was disappointed that I didn’t say anything. I never want this to happen again. I have always prided myself in standing up for marginalized groups and have never backed away from a confrontation.

Thanks as always for all your advice!

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