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Overcoming social anxiety

Hi everyone,

Just looking for some advice here. I’ve started going to services at a local synagogue and was able to meet with the rabbi for a 1-on-1 session. Everyone I’ve talked to is so nice and helpful but there’s one problem. In larger group settings, I feel very awkward and out of place. I don’t know/have anyone to go to or hang out near or talk to. I’m rather new still, so obviously it will take time but I find it difficult to approach groups of people or try talking to new people.

Maybe I need to be a little more patient and keep showing up for events and stuff. Maybe I need to try talking more to others. Usually kabbalat Shabbat services are smaller than the Saturday morning so it’s easier for me to talk to people, but usually at the end of the service when everything dissolves and people start doing their own thing I just don’t know how to fit myself in.

Any advice, tips or suggestions? I hope this makes sense. Thank you in advance.

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