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Outside of Hasidic Jews, what is an ‘acceptable’ dress code for Orthodox Jews?

Chag Pesach Sameach!

As someone with a growing interest in Judaism, I’m just curious to hear what the general consensus on this is.

As someone from London, the most identifiable characteristic of a Jewish person is one who dresses in a black suit, white shirt, no tie, kippah, with a tzitzit. From my understanding, this is more aligned with Hasidic Judaism, and so I was wondering what a typical ‘modern Orthodox’ person would wear.

From what I can gather, it is important to dress modestly, and not to attract undue attention to yourself, and to not draw your outfit from other cultures (Leviticus 20:23). But what if you are a regular Westerner, dressing in a normal outfit that covers your skin, say for example chinos, jumper, and a kippah, would this be deemed acceptable? I only ask because this seems like a rare sight, and so it only makes me question if there is something wrong with this.

Furthermore, where would the line be drawn? Say you wear a pair of trousers, nothing special but not a typical ‘smart’ dresswear, on top of a more casual chest piece that still covers your skin, is modest but is not what might be deemed ‘smart casual’. Would this still suffice?

Thank you for any help, I’m just interested so I can understand the literature and meaning behind the justification.

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