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Out of season food question

I saw humantashen mentioned in another post, and I remembered some thing that’s been bothering me for over 40 years. I grew up in northern New Jersey. My Temple had a robust Purim carnival every year and it was a huge event. One of the things that we had of course were hamantaschen. My favorite were the prune, but we also had apricot, raspberry and mun. but here’s the thing they were donuts. They were triangular, fluffy, delicious, filled donuts covered on the outside with sticky honey or sugar. It’s all I ever had until I was in college. When I saw the cookies that my friends were making/buying/eating I thought oh how cute they made hamantaschen into a cookie. That’s when people started looking at me like I was insane. The last time I saw the donut hamantaschen was approximately 1977. every one I’ve seen since then has been a cookie.

Is there anyone, one single soul, may be around my age, maybe in Jersey, anyone at all who has had the donut hamantaschen? Is it even possible that I dreamed the whole thing? I’ve asked a couple of people that I grew up with, and they usually say they don’t remember it’s possible but they can’t say for sure.

Please help me stop obsessing over this

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