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Other Jews in the diaspora without many Jewish friends despite living in areas with Jews?

I don’t really have any specific reason why I don’t have a lot of Jewish friends. I’ve lived in NYC my whole life and now Long Island and for anyone who’s even remotely familiar with the area knows there are tons of Jews here. I’m an attorney and the legal profession —I guess some stereotypes are true— certainly is far from devoid of Jews. I didn’t grow up religious, later became an atheist, but still have always been a proud Ashkenazi Jew. Anyway, not a religious sense, but since the October 7 massacre and its aftermath, I’ve never felt more strongly connected to my Jewish identity. Always have been a Zionist but now more so than ever. I don’t really have a reason why I lack Jewish friends. For whatever reason, I never made long lasting friendships with most Jews and seemed to gravitate towards other groups. Never dated a Jewish girl and my wife is Dominican-American. I’m here if anyone is looking for other Jewish friends because I’m grateful for everyone’s stories I’ve read here and how many of your sentiments have resonated with me. I have a newborn and work remotely from home, so I don’t have many opportunities to interact with other Jews. Hoping that’ll change when my daughter is older and goes to Hebrew school , nd maybe I’ll start going to a reform shul myself occasionally. Don’t think I’ve really been to any services since my Bar Mitzvah other than other Bar/Bat Mitzvahs weddings and funerals, but I guess would be a good place to befriend other Jews even though I’m not really looking for any religious experiences, although I certainly do enjoy the holidays. For now, I just feel grateful to see so many likeminded Jewish redittors during this difficult time and sending anyone an open invitation who wants to chat because I could use more fellow Jews in my life to be honest lol. AM YISRAEL CHAI!

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