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Other college students: Do you ever correct your professors when they talk about israel?

I have one professor that talks about israel constantly, and often says things that are straight up wrong. Like yesterday we were talking about humanitarian intervention, and he said something along the lines of “what’s happening in Israel is similar to what happened in south africa,” and that it was “hypocritical for the US to militarily intervene in Libya for ‘humanitarian’ reasons but not to interfer militarily Israel, [and other countries]”

When your professors say things like this, do you correct them? Should I? Is my silence bad?

I also feel like im uniquely situation to respond if i should, even tho i’m not the only jewish kid in the class. But usually when he says something about israel he looks at me and says “Correct?” Until i nod or respond in some way (something he does often with other people on other topics. English isn’t his first language so maybe thats part of that).

Do you guys think i should be saying something?

P.S. I also want to add that i don’t think my professor is antisemitic or has malicious intentions, i just think that he is genuinely ignorant about the topic.

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