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Ostensibly semi-frum people shopping on Saturdays?

At a superstore in a Northeastern state in the US, I frequently encounter shoppers there on Saturdays, who dress mostly – but not completely – like Orthodox Jews. The women wear sheitls and dark colors, sometimes long dresses but also jeans and pants. I see them drive their cars in and out of the parking lot, etc. There’s a significant number of people who fit this description every time I go there on a Saturday.

There’s a huge community of very strict Orthodox Jews near this particular shop, but it does not seem like the people I’ve described above fit their customs and level of observance. Just wondering if anyone else has encountered this and if it’s perhaps a movement within Judaism that keeps certain mitzvot but doesn’t necessarily observe Shabbat in the strict, traditional sense?

ETA: I’m Jewish and very clearly stating that I, too, was shopping on Shabbat. No judgment here, just curiosity.

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