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Orthodox Wedding Attire (F)

I got invited to a wedding! I have some questions on what’s cool to wear. I normally never wear skirts/dresses (I actually wore pants to the vort, but decided I wouldn’t to the wedding to avoid potential offense) so I’m having a hard time figuring out what would work … I was thinking a black/dark blue skirt with some kind of top that looks decent with it + potentially a cardigan too.

Is wearing mostly black okay at a wedding? Sounds a little dumb but I would normally go for brighter colors. I get that men typically wear mostly black since they wear suits.

Are heels (closed toe) fine?

From my time around the orthodox community, it seems like skirts are almost always ankle-length but might be a little shorter, like calf-length. Is it okay to wear something between knee-calf if I wear tights to cover my legs?

TIA for any insight.

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