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orthodox views on premarital sex? (from nonJewish woman who hooked up with an orthodox guy)

I am a non-Jewish 22F, and last year had a very brief sexual relation with a modern orthodox Jewish man. Now he and I really don’t talk, but he and I have a bunch of mutual friends and I heard through the grapevine that he felt further from God after our relation (which I respect and understand, and I’m sorry to cause any distress, albeit completely unintentionally and he was very pursuing of me at the time). Further, I was his first time having sex (whereas I’m much more sexually experienced).

I have two questions:

  1. Does modern orthodox judaism prohibit premarital sex? Could that explain some of his coldness to me after things ended?
  2. Insofar as premarital sex may be allowed (which I don’t even know if it is), is there a stigma on a modern orthodox jewish man having sex with a (european) non-Jewish woman? Or, is it considered less ethical for a modern orthodox jewish man to have sex with a non-jewish woman than with a jewish one?

I guess I am just reflecting on the fallout of the situation, and wondering if this context may or may not explain some of his behavior towards me after we had sex.

Sending kind wishes and blessings,

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