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Orthodox Sex Therapist?

I’m based in central NJ. I am looking for an orthodox sex therapist for my wife of four years and me. We’re modern but on the highest end of the spectrum in terms of observance. I’m growing increasingly desperate for our sex life to improve. I am a very involved father and help a ton with household chores. My wife often expresses her thankfulness but is simply the type to be stressed and overworked regardless. I’ve spent a long time reading marriage books to improve my outlook, and have tried to focus on how this may be a tikkun for me (to grapple with my sex drive) but those approaches are hard to employ when I ponder for too long. Any conversations on the topic with my wife are seriously unhelpful and even detrimental; I can’t force her to want me sexually and the conversation accomplishes nothing. She seems hurt by how I feel and I know she cares, but sex only happens once every month roughly and when it does I find myself wanting to say thank you afterwards because I almost felt like she did me a favor. I hate that. I do my utmost to avoid hotzaat zera levatala but rarely, in very bad moments, I find myself justifying it. I also don’t watch porn to the best of my ability but in rock bottom moments I watch it to fantasize what it looks like to be wanted which I crave more than anything else. I’m in dire need of support for us, my wife is open to sex therapy. Any recommendations? Open to telehealth, too.

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