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Orthodox people, how squeamish are you about gay relationships?

Was raised as a secular Jew, but recently became curious about the tradition (in my own idiosyncratic way; I still consider myself quite irreligious.) About a year ago I started learning Talmud intermittently with an Orthodox rabbi and became loosely involved in his extended social world.

Since our conversations have always skewed scholastic, I haven’t had much occasion to speak about my personal life beyond the general coloration of background, family, etc. In particular, it’s never seemed pertinent to tell him that I’m gay. Now, though, I’m a committed relationship, and it’s starting to feel like it would be more laborious not to introduce the two (various white lies and strategic Zoom deflections would be required.) Additionally, I’d love to be able to bring my partner to events in the community.

How would this go over, typically? The rabbi in question is pretty progressive, at least within orthodoxy, and knows that I’m not that observant myself. My feeling is that it would be uncontroversial, but I thought I’d test the waters here first. Don’t have ironclad intuitions about this stuff. Thanks.

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