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Orthodox Jewish wedding

Hi my husband and I were invited to an orthodox Jewish wedding. He is friendly with the groom. I am not friends with the wife. I met her once and they are lovely and would love to get to know them better eventually, but I don’t know anyone personally going to the wedding. We met them through Chabad. we are not orthodox. I don’t know what to do. My husband wants me to go and be social. It just feels awkward to go and be separated the entire time from my husband esp since im not the most social person and can get very awkward. I know it’s not about me! Is there any part of the wedding where everyone is together or is it mostly separate? If it’s mostly separate, do you think it’s rude if I don’t go or should I go? I don’t know the etiquette. We attended their engagement together and it was a bit awkward my husband knew some people and I knew no one. I sucked it up and tried talking to some people but again I’m just kind of very shy in general. Not a yenta at all. They are bal teshuva and most of their families and older friends are not religious so I imagine there might be some mixed part? But not sure.

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