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Orthodox Jewish men trying to bar mitzvah my dad after Yom HaShoah évent?

Basically what the title says, after our Yom HaShoah event, we were approached by an orthodox Jewish man who came up to my dad who is 100% Ashkenazi Jewish, but not raised Jewish, and tried to convince my dad to do a bar mitzvah with a tefillin. My dad said no politely, but the guy kept asking and would not stop asking. He wouldn’t leave my dad alone until I stepped in and said he is not interested, the same person also tried to do this to holocaust survivor to get them to with the teffilin— I also stepped in and said he is not interested after the survivor said no but the guy wouldn’t stop. I am very confused by this encounter, and have never experienced nor seen anything like this. Why was the guy so persistent?? And wouldn’t take no for an answer?

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