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Orthodox in US vs. Israel

I’m an American woman visiting Israel, and I notice that the Haredis in Israel are different from the Orthodox I’m used to the the US. I’m used to not counting in a minyan and the gendered seating during prayer, but I’ve always felt that my presence was valued and have been included in Jewish learning. But when I went to shul in Israel, I felt like I was taking up space that a man should’ve had instead. I also found that, as a whole, the Haredis here are more elitist, and they look down on people who aren’t Jewish. It also seems that the terms “Reform” and “Secular” have different connotations in Israel than they do in the US.

What are your thoughts on this? Do my experiences line up with yours? I don’t have a strong opinion at the moment, just wanted to share my observations and get fresh perspectives.

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