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Orthodox folks: do you take a break from halacha?

This weekend I am in a resort destination with some friends. On Saturday morning, we were walking up the main road and I saw a woman from the frum community I grew up in exiting a treif restaurant with a doggy bag. She was wearing a tank top, short shorts and flip flops, but having known her since she was a toddler, I instantly recognized her. She was a good friend of my sister growing up and she always presented as pretty frum. So I stopped to say hello and welcome her to the OTD fold. She told me she was very much still frum, but was getting off a stressful few months and decided she needed a weekend break to just do whatever she wanted. Basically she loved the community but needed a break from it.

Orthodox folks, do you ever feel you need a break from halacha? Do you take one?

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