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Orthodox conversion story

ב״ה I am going to be an “ultra orthodox jew”. So, in about september 2019, I began taking catholic classes to try to get closer to G-d (previously, I was not interested at all). Then, on Yom Kippur 5780, I was talking about judaism and I said I might want to be an orthodox jew. I have a VERY hazy memory of that conversation, so I dont exactly know h why I said that, but I knew nothing about orthodox judaism at the time, but I say that beggining then, G-d VERY slowly communicated to me that I should make this change. I studied Torah very slowly until about March 2020 (because school shut down) because I had more time and basically 99% of my knowledge came from then. I almost do everything like a jew, but i am not yet converted. We do have a rabbi that will try to convert me. Anyway, so my father is REALLY dissapproving of orthodox judaism and its kinda “hard” with this, but i dont care. So anyway i thought i would tell you about this. Thanks. Bye.

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