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Orthodox Christian Lebanese having my Jewish friend stay at my place.

Hello guys,

So I am an ex muslim Lebanese who is going to have an ex Muslim Jew stay over at my place ( we are both adults + live in the west) until he finishes apartment hunting. Unfortunately, his parents kicked him because he openly told them that he is Jewish. His father yelled anti Semitic slurs at him and beat him. Also, with all of the protests going on, he feels unsafe. So I will be driving him to his synagogue, to make sure he is safe. I would just like advice. How do I support my friend? I know that Passover is coming up, should I get him something? If so, what can I get him? I will be moving my icons to my room and I am thinking of getting Jewish based things for the guest room for him. Thoughts on that?

Thank you so much for everything!

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