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Options for head coverings?

Hello, I am Jewish and I am relatively new to practicing actively. I participate in holidays, study Torah, pray, etc. But I do not belong to/attend a synagogue, mostly because I don’t know which denomination I feel I belong in (I feel most personally drawn to Conservative Judaism, but as a queer/trans person, I fear I won’t be accepted by anyone but Reform Jews).

Anyway… I wear a yarmulke, usually a simple colored or patterned one, mainly to denote that I am a Jew but not necessarily one to “look up to”/someone who is super religious and knowledgeable. In my reading I have not seen anything that explains what kind of head covering I specifically am required to wear. Some of my relatives even wear, say, a baseball cap all the time to cover their heads. The only possible issue I can find with this is that it does not identify you as a Jew.

I am very interested in wearing something more like this: Candid Signature Apparel Zigzag Threaded Skull Cap Chemo Kufi Beanie Hat for Men Women Bikers (Beige) at Amazon Men’s Clothing store

I like caps that don’t rest on the head so much as surround it. I feel like it would be easier to keep on my head, and I’d physically feel it more, which I think would be nice. Is this permitted? Would there be any implications I’m unaware of? Thank you

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