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Open Source Judaism Part 1 – Hebcal (Hebrew Calendar)

Open Source Judaism Part 1 - Hebcal (Hebrew Calendar)

In an effort of mine to bring back development to Open Source Judaism I’m going to start sharing some my favorites.

This is Hebcal –

You can create and export all kinds of customized Hebrew Calendars.

Using this link will take you to the customization screen where you can pick and chose which days and which format you want and it can be downloaded or subscribed to. Here is the direct link to make your own.

This subscription is a 2-year perpetual calendar feed with events for the current year (2023) plus 1 future year.

This one is set up for Chicago, IL using the Gregorian Calendar, and Ashkenazim Translations. If this works for you, here is the download –

Since I use Linux, I download the ICS directly and import it into Gnome Calendar.

This will work on outlook and ical as well though and hebcal will give you links to all the calendars. If you click on the Daf Yomi for the day it will show you the Sefaria link.

While you are here, If you can think of a good name for a Judaism specific operating system (Major Operating Systems – Windows, macOS) please post it below. Its part of a much bigger project I’m doing myself.

content on Hebcal is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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