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Online shopping for Jewish items.

I’m slowly buying Jewish items to put around the house as part of the conversion process. Unfortunately, where I live, we don’t have Jewish shops, at least not that I know of. I went online for all my shopping so far and it was through Amazon, however, I would like to find a Jewish online store that is reputable and can trust it is authentic and not some fake messianic “Jewish” one which seems there is a good number of them.

The items I’m looking to buy include but not limited to Tallit, Tefflin, prayer books, etc. I’m not going to use all of them as some will have to be left until the conversion process is officially completed but I still would like to have them in my home as part of turning my house Jewish.

PS: I found a store called, but I’m still new to this and pretty suspicious of whether this or that online store is a good one or not.

I would really appreciate your help.

Shanah Tovah!

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