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Online Jewish Dating – I Get Way More Interest When Traveling And Now I May Want To Move.

I (30s M) live in a mid-sized US city where the Jewish dating pool is a bit small. I go to Jewish singles events and it’s the same 50ish people every time. I’m on the apps, but in a personal compromise, I removed the requirement that my partner be Jewish (though my profile showed that I was), and still didn’t get a lot of interest. I got burnt out and decided to focus on other things, but I didn’t delete the apps. Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I visited family in a larger city and found my dormant profiles getting much more interest than they did at home! I don’t base my self-worth on how interested others are in me, but as someone who had been so disenchanted, my interest was piqued.

Now, I didn’t respond to these connections for several reasons; I didn’t have time, didn’t want to rouse suspicion with the lovely but prying family I was staying with, and given A and B, I didn’t want to waste the other person’s time with no chance of a meetup. But I’m wondering if anyone has had a similar experience that, either on its own or in addition to other factors, led them to move to a city with a bigger dating pool. Any other suggestions for exploring this?

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