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Online friend talks to me about unlearning anti semitism that was taught to him

One of the online friends I used to talk to was a 24 year old ex Muslim man from Saudi Arabia. He talked about how in his schools he was taught to hate Jews, using verses in the Quran to support their hatred. As a kid, he was super skeptical of what he learned and would use VPNs on his computer to do some research into the things he was taught. He was surprised to learn that Jews weren’t all rich (he always believed they were rich) and realized from speaking to them online they were really sweet and kind not like how he was taught by his school. Besides, having his stereotypes dispelled he started to look some pro Israel pages on Instagram and started questioning the narrative he was taught at school. Due to where he lives he keeps quiet about his views but he’s been very vocal online and unfortunately not all Arabs are supportive of his view on Instagram. I feel like more positive stories like this are good to hear.

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