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One of These Things is Not Like The Other

Posted byu/sourb0ijust now

One of These Things is Not Like The Other

This is mostly for my fellow converts/converts-to-be, but everyone is free to join in!

Ok, so I was raised as semi-lapsed Catholic, and I had some too great experiences with the church so I stopped going when I was 12 (technically G-d yeeted me out but that’s another story). Anyway. I really love a lot of aspects of Judaism, and at this point I still feel commited to conversion, but there are some things that give me doubt. Specifically the semblences to Christianity. Now I’m not saying that Judaism and Christianity are in any way similar; they share roots, but that’s about it. But sometimes I’ll be at my school’s Hillel or attending Shabbat online (yay covid!) and I just get this odd, gross feeling that I’m back at church and I hate it. For example, when my Jewish friends talk about going to camp as kids– I’m sure it was fun and they had a great time, but it just brings up bad memories of my own experience at J*sus Camp. I really hate my brain for picking out these “similarities” that probably aren’t that similar. Does anyone else deal with this? Or have any advice for how to see these aspects of Judaism in a different light?

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