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One of the roots of Antisemitism: A long history of of the value of literacy among the Jews

I was reading this article as a research project

I couldn’t help but think how this is the antithesis of the Jewish culture. Jews have been thrown out of countries. They haven’t been able to own land. But they always took with them the ability to read and write and do math. It was deeply ingrained in the Jewish value system to teach children be be literate at least in Torah. This put the Jewish children ahead of the game.

Other nations get jealous and can’t figure out why the Jews can get ahead and offered jobs with power. Simple. They study. They make their children study. No matter how poor, no matter how insecure the living situation may be.

Until recently, the working class of of a surprising amount of countries were illiterate. It wasn’t part of their value system. It wasn’t part of the culture. Don’t blame the Jews if you didn’t learn how to read. And till this day, a third of the people in the USA and UK are functionally illiterate. And they wonder why they don’t meet with success in life, in their careers. They get jealous. And who do they blame?

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