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One of the most underrated examples of Jewish culture

I’d argue that contemporary Jewish dance music has to be one of the most underrated things about our culture. I only found out about it in 2021, when I discovered a bunch of Spotify playlists called things like “fast Jewish music” and “lit Jewish music.” This style of music tends to have this extremally high energy, upbeat, large-scale feel that, I think is pretty awesome. This has resulted in some of it sounding identical to Bollywood dance music – example) while others just sound like a more over the top, energetic take on electropop with traditional Jewish music influences thrown in. The whole thing is pretty awesome.

This one’s my favorite – I think the fact that the main melody line of the chorus is written in the style of Bollywood dance music is a little weird since it’s a song by an Israeli artist in Hebrew but it’s also a pretty cool example of using those influences in the same way that the hook to Unholy by Sam Smith is

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