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On Yom Kippur of all days…

I made a post in the fasting subreddit discussing my frustration with the misinformation that is often spread about fasting (I fast more often than required because I’m trying to lose weight and have found it to be an effective method). I got a comment from someone who agreed with my initial point but also felt the need to add that I’m OK to keep fasting if I “don’t look like a Jew in a concentration camp”. Guess that’s supposed to be a joke.

I didn’t respond because I don’t feel like fighting and they’re getting downvoted anyway. But really? On Yom Kippur? I wasn’t even discussing anything to do with Judaism or the holiday, just a general post I would’ve made anyway because I fast a lot.

It’s probably not a targeted attack as I don’t think I post in Jewish subreddits enough for random antisemites on here to know that I’m a Jew. I just hate how antisemitism pops up even when I’m not associating myself with an explicitly Jewish space. And I hate that it happened today.

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