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On Twitter "I hate goyim". On Reddit look at "I hate goyim" on Twitter! Assholes everywhere.

This is a rant.

A subreddit I once found some value at has increasingly become anti-semitic, it really bothers me. Do I fight each of these threads? Do I abandon it to hatred? Do I join “SRS” (no).

What’s worse is when the anti-semitic assholes have a point. Then it really hurts.

So there is one thread pointing out this idiot girl (account now deleted) on twitter who was posting “I hate goyim”, ironically she would claim. Like “I hate men” she tweeted. Ha ha she tweeted.

So in this one subreddit it’s used to show both Jewish hypocrisy and Jewish bigotry because of course the same girl gets immediately offended when someone tweets to her “I hate Jews”.

Yes, all of these bellends are taking the behavior of an idiot and generalizing it, though I am shocked by how many Jews on twitter tweet “I hate goyim”

Not sure where I am going with this, but all of it is just really depressing.

Just way too damn much hate in 2019

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